The Hypertext d20 SRD: This is everything from D&D that is public domain for people to use/reproduce/etc. It is an excellent reference site whether you own the books or not!
The Domesday Book: This is a neat little tool that will help you build up demographics for a kingdom. You input the variables (such as size of the land area) choose the setting, and then it puts in the estimated numbers. I used this a lot for my initial world-building of Sinari.
MapMage: I'm putting this under free, because those are the ones that I grabbed and played with. This site has lots of different kinds of map-making tools, for taverns, cities, dungeons, etc. Some are free (under downloads), some are purchasable.
Tavern Maker: I don't remember how I found this, but I was searching for icons to help me build layouts for buildings in Sinari. This is actually a really cool little tavern/inn generator, and well worth the download.
Box-of-Flumph - This is a kingdom generator that Daan over at Redblade made. The very first thing I did was click +10,000 years, and the program warned me that it would take a long time to which I scoffed and clicked ok. Sadly, after ten minutes and only 20% of the way through I force-quitted the program. Hehe. Anyway, this tool will create an entire history of people, families, cities, everything. It's really cool. The name generator portion of it is lacking a bit, but it's still fun to play with.
 Not So Free:
ProFantasy: Probably the best of the worldbuilding software out there in terms of raw power and possibilities. I haven't used the new Campaign Cartographer 3, but I have played around with the older version and all the demos. The learning curve was a bit challenging, but there are 'getting started' guides that are very helpful. The software is a bit expensive I think if you're just a casual DM, but if you're not afraid of a price tag this is some really cool stuff. The fractal terrain maker brought my laptop to it's knees, so avoid that if you have a slower PC.

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