Redblade D&D 3.5 Character Generator: This is a really nice FREE bit of software that some folks did in their free time. It is updated to the 3.5 ruleset, and if you want to add a whole slew of prestige classes, then download this file as well because a man by the name of Phillip Loesch went ahead and coded all of the added classes for people to take advantage of. (NOTE: The extra file is for the older version - 3.5e character generator and NOT the new one in development.)
Sunrain Studios: These are custom printable D&D sheets. I haven't used them, but they were highly recommended by a friend of mine.
Crystal Ball: This is a character generator for Mac that a friend recommended. I don't have a mac, so I haven't actually used it and can't vouce for it's efficiency. Based on the screenshots it looks pretty snazzy. (but then, everything on a mac looks snazzier)
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