Closet Gamer: (clos•et gam•er) n. An activity providing entertainment or amusement; a pastime: party games; word games within a small private chamber, as per a state of secrecy or cautious privacy. They asked if I was interested in joining the Live Action Role-Playing for Vampire.. and I told them I was a closet gamer and declined.
(SYN.) secret, hidden, recreation, activity (ANT.) public, open, hardship, business

The one with the idea.. Pauline wanted to make an online comic, and everytime she asked a friend to help, they ran away screaming. Erin stayed. Erin is most likely regretting this, but she's stuck now!

Pauline is an Art and Design graduate from Northern Michigan University, majoring in Electronic Imaging. She mostly studied website development and image manipulation. She's working as a part time independent contractor for a marketing company making websites, along with free-lance on the side.

Her duties with this site include site design, maintanance, and she also does most of the coloring of the comics. She's not sure but she thinks she's required to write up funny news posts and such as well, but she's having a hard enough time talking about herself in third person right now. Moving on!
  The residential art chick. Erin was approached with this idea about making a web comic, and trusting in her friend not to do anything too bad she agreed. Oh boy, was she suprised to find out how far this would go.

Erin is a Junior at Northern Michigan University, majoring in Electronic Imaging with an emphasis on illustration and graphic design.

Her responsibilities with this site include most of the drawing and some of the script writing. She is also first in the chain of deadlines so if she's behind.. everyone is behind. And no one wants to be behind. She also has to have a lot of patience with Pauline who is so completely unorganized and incapable of stringing together one cohesive thought.

Your friendly neighborhood spider-man. While not directly involved in the site, Jason contributes tid-bits here and there. This means the occasional paragraph submitted whenever he gets off his lazy butt to contribute. Gimme a break, I've got video games to play!

Jason is currently a Senior English and Film student at Northern Michigan University. Basically he writes papers and watches movies for class. Before changing his major, Jason was a biology major with emphasis on veterinary medicine. Bound to no one, Jason drifts from job to job each summer, honing his skills in a variety of trades. For example, no one can wash dishes like this man, and few can match his janitorial skills.

In an attempt to be funny, Jason writes about some of the lighter moments in gaming. Many would find it dry.....but dry things can be funny. Like.....sand in a butt crack......or maybe Ben Stein. Alright, well......maybe only one of those things. What were we talking about again?

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