The art gallery is going to be any and all artwork that isn't (or is)
directly related to the comic but we still felt like sharing.

Here are all the Christmas wallpapers in one list, since some of the links in the news archive are broken and it's just easier for you guys this way. :)
Bryan Stratton This is Pauline's character on Starchat. He was originally an NPC in her Saturday Vampire campaign, and later was ported over to starchat as per requested by Laurie. He is a Malkavian, with more than a few devious tricks up his sleeve.
Erin: The story goes that I was playing Super Metroid and after getting my ass handed to me several times by Ridley, (The big dragon space pirate for those unaware), I decided that I needed to draw something depicting said ass-handing. 
Elven Rider
This is a full size wallpaper version of the "Wrong Turn" comic. I stole it from Erin's sketchbook and colored it. 
Cave Drow
Another pilferred sketch from Erin's sketchbook.
A wallpaper of the "Lycanthropy" comic.
Happy Holidays
This is a wallpaper version of the "Happy Holidays" comic.
Dark Jak from “Jak 3”
Erin: Ah how the holidays feed my gaming addiction. I most certainly was happy enough to find both Jak 2 and Ratchet and Clank: Going Commando on sale while down in Milwaukee (That’s right! I’m addicted to platformers! Or at least these two), but I also ended up getting Jak 3 for Christmas. Needless to say, after many therapeutic hours of shooting/maiming endless amounts of enemies, I felt compelled to draw the dark incarnation of Jak.
Edward and Alphonse Elric from “Full Metal Alchemist”
Erin: As those who watch Adult Swim on Cartoon Network are undoubtedly aware, there is a relatively new anime series airing called Full Metal Alchemist, which I hooked onto while still in Japan. Over the course of a few weeks I developed this picture of the Elric brothers looking all cool and badass, and slightly older than their television personas.
Black Dragon
The last panel of the "Sentient Weapon" comic, bigger, better, in wallpaper size!
Jacob the Euthanatos
The panel of the Euthanatos mage, Jacob, casting from comic 43.
The Blighter Here is a wallpaper of the Blighter from comic 46.
The Frenchy Contest The winners of our first coloring contest.
WoW Troll This is a sketch Erin made up of her troll in WoW.
Armesan The Shadow Rogue comic.

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