Wizard of the Coast Website: I wasn't going to list this, but I thought that some people might not realize all the great free stuff that's on the WotC site. I use the one-shot campaigns off this site all the time, along with the maps, and character sheets. There is lots of great material on the site and they update a LOT.
The Big List of RPG Plots: This is just a big long list of short one-paragraph plot ideas. It's great if you're looking for ideas for your campaign, or just need to throw something together for a one-shot and are running short on inspiration.
 Not So Free:
Legends & Lairs: The Legends & Lairs sourcebooks provide new ways to kick ass for fantasy d20 System campaigns. All Legends & Lairs sourcebooks are beautifully illustrated and include new rules to expand your d20 campaign and bring it to life.
Green Ronin: This site has some more source books, and has some really good oriental stuff.
RPGNow: Lots and lots of source books, and other gaming stuff. They also have an extensive free category.



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