Top Ten Signs You're a Closet Gamer
10. You get Playboy delivered to your house, but Dragon magazine comes to a P.O. box.
9. All the novels on your bookshelf are hardbacks so you can hide your D&D books behind them.
8. Your neighbor asks why all those cars are in your driveway and you tell him "It's.. uhhh.. Football Night!" And run off before he figures out that it's wednesday and not monday.
7. You've developed a code for talking about games over the phone at work.
6. You get caught talking about gaming and your best defense is, "But Hasbro makes it!"
5. During any conversation where someone mentions they gamed while they were in junior high, you start discussing the O.J. Simpson trial to change the subject.
4. Your wife asks you why you came home late when you were out gaming and you tell her you're having an affair.
3. Someone finds a 12 sider in your car (like you'd miss a 12 sider) and you tell them its a souvenir from Vegas.

2. Someone finds your D&D books and you say one of the following:

  • It's research material for your church crusade against satanism.
  • They were left to you in your grandfather's will as you wipe a tear from your eye.
  • "What the hell is this crap? The neighbor's kid must've left it here. I always knew he was a weirdo."

    1. Someone mentions role playing and you tell them to take their devil worshipping fantasy games elsewhere while secretly slipping them an invite to your Friday night game.

    List orginally taken from and altered slightly with permission.

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