Death List:

System Campaign- GM Character Player Description
M:TA Las Vegas - Dennis Tom Eng
(Son of Ether)
Gnora Killed by a technocracy laser.
M:TA Las Vegas - Dennis Jeni ???
Pauline She was prime-blasted to death by Han the Virtual Adept in the party after she tried to destroy a technocracy machine that he was hooked up to at the time.
M:TA Las Vegas - Dennis Metalix Denise Metalix was beheaded by Jacob (highlander style - there can be only one) in a restaurant after he drugged the party's food.
Las Vegas - Dennis
Jacob Edwards (Euthanatos)
He was sliced from his left hip to his right shoulder with a laser from a Virtual Adept's eye piece, after Han from the party put a hit out on him since Jacob vowed to repay him for killing Jeni.
Las Vegas - Dennis
Van Richtor (??) Denise Got gunned down by Mel after incinerating a tourist bus full of Japanese tourists with a hankering for photography.
M:TA Las Vegas - Dennis Cedrick (Cult of Ecstacy) Wes Died from a world-wide plague.
M:TA Las Vegas - Dennis Lui Kai(Akashic) Jason Also died from theworld-wide plague.
V:TM Colorado - Dennis Helen Emberlesk
Laurie Killed by a werewolf when she tried to hide in the backseat of a car.
V:TM Colorado - Dennis Ethan ???
Jason Cut down by a werewolf shadowlord.
V:TM Colorado - Dennis Gavin Hallahan
Pauline Frozen in place for many rounds during the werewolf shadowlord battle.. and then cut to ribbons.
V:TM Colorado - Dennis

Alicia ???

Laurie Tried to run over said shadowlord with her car and instead was sliced and diced. Party 0, Shadowlord 3.
Spain - Dennis
Killed by Logan after trying to feed from her on a botched hunting roll
Spain - Dennis
Was beheaded by the prince of the city after tricked into admitting to killing Morgana by Olivia.
V:TM Spain - Dennis Paz Chochiti
Denise Was cut down by the prince after being accused of treachery, and managed to put the prince in torpor. Lucia finished her off after seeing what she did to the prince.
Spain - Dennis
Olivia Cowen
Got burned to death by the sun after being captured by the prince of the city and sentenced to a trial by sunlight for the many diableries she was accused of.
D&D Elf Brigade - Pauline Toreth
Half-elf Assassin
Jason Killed by the rest of the party after successfully assassinating the noble elven wizards sister. (was only half an elf in the elf brigade)
Elf Brigade - Pauline
Human Monk
Decided to take on a hill giant one-on-one at level five. (wasn't an elf, doomed from the start)
D&D Ressurect Lathander - Dennis S- (Human Sorceress) Laurie Maimed and mashed and murdered by a bone devil.
D&D Ressurect Lathander - Dennis Chris (Human Bard) Jon Melted by acid from a black dragon. Later resurrected by Chrissendia.
D&D Ressurect Lathander - Dennis Spike (Human Rogue) Rocco Poisoned to death by a collassal scorpian. Later resurrected by some dwarves in a mountain.
D&D Ressurect Lathander - Dennis Darklin (Dwarven Defender) Jim Went toe to toe with frenzied beserker after proclaiming "Eat shit and die!"
D&D Resurrect Lathander - Dennis ???? (Dwarven Paladin) Jon Also died from the other dwarf saying "Eat shit and die" and got caught in the crossfire.
D&D Resurrect Lathander - Dennis John (Human Wizard) Jim  
D&D Resurrect Lathander - Dennis Chrissendia Pauline Bled to death from infernal wounds inflicted by a devil. She was the only one in the party with enough ranks in Heal to stop the bleeding, but was stunned for five rounds and just died. Was ressurected by the temple of Pelor for her outrageous donations to the church.
D&D Resurrect Lathander - Dennis Spike Rocco Bayneth's castle - Disintigrate. Ressurected by an angel that was held captive in the castle, in repayment for the party freeing him.
D&D Resurrect Lathander - Dennis Spike Rocco Power Word Kill - During the large arena battle where the party had the showdown with the enemy lord. - Ressurected by .. someone..
D&D Resurrect Lathander - Dennis Chrissendia Pauline Was killed by an Eye of Grummish orc on the top of Heaven's Stair, a holy place where the party was facing their last trial in the campaign. Ressurected by the god Lathander who had just been ressurected by the party.
D&D Resurrect Lathander - Dennis Chrissendia Pauline While running around and flexing their epic might the party took on the lord Meattog, in an attempt to capture his keep as a gift to Spike. Chrissendia got beaten down in two rounds, and was ressurected by her favored soul flunky.
D&D Night Wolves - Rotating GM's Kiana (Halfling Druid) Pauline Just had to look behind the curtain through the magic doorway, eaten by a chimera.
D&D Night Wolves - Rotating GM's Edwin (Elven Ranger) Erin Got cornered by Snapper the Bone Dragon while trying to escape the room.
D&D Tirsis - City of the Undead Kaela (Halfling Rogue) Pauline Tried to sneak into a tomb by creeping between his legs, failed her move silently, was consequently delivered the mummy beat-down.
D&D Tirsis - City of the Undead -
 Sandor (Human Necromancer) Jon Shot down by the archer in the party (who was dominated by a vampire at the time) and died.
D&D Tirsis - City of the Undead -
Samsel (Human Fighter/Wizard) Rocco Was shot by the archer, then deserted by the party to fight the vampire that sucked his life away.
D&D Tirsis - City of the Undead -
Lisse (Fighter) Erin Ripped apart by a living gargantuan statue, the party made no move to save her, and she was looted later.
D&D Tirsis - City of the Undead -
Drog of Gord (Half-Orc Cleric of Hextor) Jon Disembowled by an invisible Lammasu in one combat round.
D&D Tirsis - City of the Undead -
Gaith (Human Thayan Knight) Erin Tried to flee from the invisible Lammasu and failed, also disembowled.