Pauline: Wednesday, January 23rd (10:52 am)

Realm Works Kickstarter
This is a head's up to everyone about an EXCELLENT GM tool being built. I've been beta-testing it for a while and I LOVE it. It's called Realm Works and it's packed with more features than I could have thought up. It's very very cool. If you're a gamemaster, a player, or a writer, you'll probably like this.

The software isn't released yet, but they launched a Kickstarter to support some final features they want to cram in before the July release. There's an option to pre-purchase the software as well as early beta access options. The video goes over a lot of what the program has to offer.

Pauline: Thursday, July 19th (10:22 am)

About Comics...
What makes a good comic?

Comic books and their popularity have fluctuated over the years. Thanks to the internet allowing us to create and publish our own comics, interest has been on the rise because they are so easily accessed.

With so many floating around the web, it's not always easy for the casual comic reader to separate the good comics from the bad. Especially if they play on Angry Birds and PartyPoker site more than they seek out new material to read. How can you tell the difference?

Characters - If they appear as nothing more than a cardboard cut out: bland with less personality than a turnip, a comic book will probably not be successful. Think of say, Dennis the Menace. His name tells you he is mischievous, and his adventures and actions back this up. So in short, if the characters are interesting, well-developed, changing for better or worse all the time, and entertain, a comic will hold up.

Story-lines - If you have good characters, then many of your audience members will look over the occasional poor storyline. However to maintain interest, most need to be of a good quality, in order to engage the reader. You want them to be sucked into the adventure, with no other choice than to read on. Only a good storyline can achieve this, especially in the beginning.

Realism? - An issue that is debatable in comics is realism. Some people like the characters and stories to at least seem plausible. However in the history of comics, most characters and the situations they find themselves in can seem pretty unrealistic. Bitten by a radioactive spider? It depends on the reader, but for most, realism isn't too important, because it's an escape.

Relatable - Going back to the characters, a comic is often successful when the audience are able to identify with the characters. Not necessarily in terms of, for example super powers, but in personality. Maybe in domestic situation. They are often outcasts, who feel so, and therefore are attractive to anyone who has felt this way too.

Pauline: Wednesday, December 12th (12:37 pm)

College Gaming Clubs
I'd like to get a nice solid list of college gaming (and high school!) on Game Finder. Sooooo, if you're in a college club please take a couple minutes to add your group and any contact info over there.


Pauline: Monday, December 10th (4:01 am)

Christmas Wallpapers
Here's all the past years in one place.

Pauline: Monday, December 10th (3:22 am)

Comic 061: Convenient Opportunities
Yeah, okay, long time coming. BUT.. not as long a gap as between the previous two. There's a Christmas comic in the works as well.

The weddings are over, things have slowed down for both of us.

COMIC - Soooo, this actually was a very heated argument. Erin and I rarely fight, but this was a moment when we really had it out. She was tired and not paying attention to the layout of the game map, and I was annoyed that my character got shot at such close proximity. Of course, we worked it out.. still.. I think the argument went on for a good ten minutes.

The only worse argument I can recall involved my cleric, her druid, and some magic pants. But that story is for another day.

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