Pauline: Wednesday, January 23rd (10:52 am)

Realm Works Kickstarter
This is a head's up to everyone about an EXCELLENT GM tool being built. I've been beta-testing it for a while and I LOVE it. It's called Realm Works and it's packed with more features than I could have thought up. It's very very cool. If you're a gamemaster, a player, or a writer, you'll probably like this.

The software isn't released yet, but they launched a Kickstarter to support some final features they want to cram in before the July release. There's an option to pre-purchase the software as well as early beta access options. The video goes over a lot of what the program has to offer.

Pauline: Wednesday, December 12th (12:37 pm)

College Gaming Clubs
I'd like to get a nice solid list of college gaming (and high school!) on Game Finder. Sooooo, if you're in a college club please take a couple minutes to add your group and any contact info over there.


Pauline: Monday, December 10th (4:01 am)

Christmas Wallpapers
Here's all the past years in one place.

Pauline: Monday, December 10th (3:22 am)

Comic 061: Convenient Opportunities
Yeah, okay, long time coming. BUT.. not as long a gap as between the previous two. There's a Christmas comic in the works as well.

The weddings are over, things have slowed down for both of us.

COMIC - Soooo, this actually was a very heated argument. Erin and I rarely fight, but this was a moment when we really had it out. She was tired and not paying attention to the layout of the game map, and I was annoyed that my character got shot at such close proximity. Of course, we worked it out.. still.. I think the argument went on for a good ten minutes.

The only worse argument I can recall involved my cleric, her druid, and some magic pants. But that story is for another day.

Pauline: Monday, December 10th (2:17 am)

Facebook Group Part 2
I added a whole bunch of sketches, comics that never got finished, and other art to the Facebook group, and will continue to do so. Check it out!

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