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Realm Works Kickstarter

College Gaming Clubs

Christmas Wallpapers

Comic 061: Convenient Opportunities

Facebook Group Part 2

Facebook Group

Spread some holiday cheer in 2 seconds.

New Deathlist

Comic 060: Desperate Times...


Death List Two Year Anniversary

Game Finder


Guild Wars


In My Defense....


Day 4.

Day 2 & 3

Road Trip!! Day 1.

Comic 059: Pie Chart

Overhaul to the Gaming Resources Section

Deathlist vs Spambots

Happy Holidays 2006

Christmas 2006

Last Years Christmas Wallpaper

The Song of Ice and Fire



Death List


Comic 57: Shadow Rogue

One year of deaths.

Comic 056: Shriekers

New Druid Spell for D&D

Comic 055: Technocrats vs. Werewolf - Part 4

New Wallpaper

WoW has expired.

Comic 054: Technocrats vs. Werewolf Part 3

My actual news post?!

Comic 053: Technocrats vs. Werewolf Part 2

Pauline on Vacation!

Tabletop or Online Gaming?

Comic 052: Technocrats vs. Werewolf

Dishonorable Kills.

Looking for a fun, friendly WoW guild??



Comic 051: A Quick Look...

Happy New Year!

Christmas Wallpaper 2005

Pining for an Update?

Comic 050: Insubordination

Happy Turkey Day


Say it isn't so!

Haven't posted in a while..

WoW Expansion

The epitomy of geek.

Comic 049.2: Red Bull

I need a dual core processor in my brain.

Raffle Winners!

I <3 Katamari.


A parting of ways...


I seem to have misplaced my pants

Comic 049.1: Pants

A World of Warcraft Video

We're all doomed!!

Coloring Contest WINNER!

Comic 048: Hellloooo

A status report.


Exclusive Closetgamer Artwork.. PLUS some more!

My hands are tied..

Sorry guys...

Pirates of the Spanish Main

New Server..

Good news!

Comic 047: Pauline's Lawful Evil Undead Elven Monk

Coloring Contest Info - Deadline Extended!



Umm.. hello.

The Dog Days of Summer

That Crazy Blighter

Comic 046: The Blighter

New Fan Art!

Comic 045: Leave No Bard Behind

Technical Difficulties

It's not 95 degrees today! Hooray!

Comic 044: Rabbit Stew

Hill Giants: 2 Erin's Characters: 0

The Interactive Death List!

Something impressive:

Knights of the Dinner Table - Web Comic Article

My dearest Jacob

Comic 043: Should Have Taken the Stairs

Comic 042: Don't Use Magic Indoors

Good news!

To enlighten everyone to where the goods are..

Fan Art!!

Fantasy Grounds

Mmm.. Another Monday

Here's what I want...

An hour wasted.. and I cry.

Can the gifts to your Lord stop being my characters' corpses

Comic 041: Crazy Druids - Part Two

Long Distance

What if coins popped out of their mouths?

Technical Difficulties...

Insert Title Here.

Been quiet lately.

Comic 040: Crazy Druids - Part One

Comic 39: Adventuring Bites - Part Two

Oh sweet Jesus..

Advancing Hordes Anew!

She came, She saw, She was slain...

Sneak Peak!

Summer is upon us!

Comic 38: Adventuring Bites - Part One

Comic 038: Adventuring Bites - Part One

ALMOST done.

And is done!

The Death List

Snowing?? The last week of April?

A long post for you.

A random screenshot..

Comic 037: Bytopia Bar

Procrastination, thy name is apparently Erin...


Digital Strips Review!

Beer Here!

Erin's 21st Birthday!!!

Message Board is back.. sort of.

Another joyous Monday!

Comic 36: Master of the Arts

A news post like no other!

You may ready your torches and pitchforks...

A new wallpaper!

Comic 035: Sentient Weapons

"When are you going to update?!"

WoW stuff.

Happy St. Patricks Day!!

Are you a Pepsi drinker?!

034: Moments in Gaming - Improved Sunder

The Wild Leatherworking Quests and just how evil they are..

Decided to leave Eyeskream

Comic 033: Can of Whoop-Ass

Happy Moday!

My promises mean nothing..

I feel like my head is going to explode..

Another Night, Another Character Death

Something fun for you to watch while you wait for the comic:

I'm back! :D

Comic 32: Elf Muffs?

Change of plans:

Incentives and my newest idea!

Comic 31: Magic Doors

Ah Memories....

An amazing thing happened!

Bleh -cough cough-

Comic 030: Obscuring Mist - Part Three

Oh the joys of babysitting.

Voting Incentives

An Update from Denise in Iraq!

I drew a comic!

Slight Delay

Making some site changes..

I'm Free! Free I tell you, free!

Erin is Our Hostage! MUAHAHA!!

Hey folks!

Comic 029: Obscuring Mist Part Two! The tragedy continues!

You thought the snakehead was scary???

Comic 028: Obscuring Mist - Part One

We're Baaaaaack!

To be totally honest..

Heeeeeere's Jason!

Staying with the Family

Merry Christmas!

Comic 027: Happy Holidays

I'm done!

A quick note before I go dig out my vehicle.


Only one to post here?

Maybe I LIKE talking to myself!

And They Say the Dead Don't Rise

Comic 026: The Frost Giant

Comic 025: Quiet Means Crazy


Hey heyyy my halflings dead.

World of Warcraft - Down again..

Comic 024: Waking Up With An Appetite

Expect to see the next comic Friday

Comic is gonna be a bit late

Pay backs are Hell....


Comic 023: Weepy Feelings

Free iPods and how I got mine!

Across the world

Comic 022: Farewell For Now

Snakehead Terror!!!!

Land Fish!

Advancing Hordes!

Archive Will Be Incomplete For a Bit

Something for everyone to click on ;)

Comic is up! Hooray!

Comic 020: Never Give a Malkavian your address

Busy busy and running behind.

A photograph.

Comic 015: Experimental Volunteer

Comic 019: Lycanthropy

Comic 018: Death Mages!

Comic 017: Hurray for Erin!



Comic 014: Never Cast That On Me!

Comic 012: Army of One

Comic 011: Always Feed Your Pets

Comic 010: Technocracy Most Wanted

Comic 009: Brain Melting

Comic 008: Confused Companions

007: Moments in Gaming: Frost Hydra

The Vacation Saga, Part One


Wrong Turn


Wallpaper for you!

Comic 005: Purple Worm

Let There Be Comics

Ok, Here's what's going on:

Comic 004: Elves at play:

Comic 003: Better late than never!

Erin has to start coming up with titles for news posts


Comic 002: A Look Back on the Evening

Links and Survivor

Good morning world!

Comic 001: Final Death?

An Opening Statement:

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